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Vendor Contracting with CSF

It is our vision to provide world class supply chain services that position our members for success in a value-based healthcare market. We represent a range of communities along with a significant portion of the healthcare delivered in Southwest Florida. Due to the breadth of our services, LeeSar/CSF directly impacts patient care on all levels, from hospitals to local practices. Joining CSF enables vendors to become a part of a lasting partnership that benefits these communities. We encourage potential vendors to pursue business opportunities through the Cooperative, following the steps outlined in the resources provided here. Begin by filling out the vendor registration form.


For more detailed information, visit the Vendors page or download the Contracting Processes PDF.

Committed Contract

Cooperative Services (CSF) offers multi-year, sole source contracts with up to 90% compliance. Contract renewals are initiated 180 days prior to expiration. Participating in a committed contract allows vendors to recognize the full value of the cooperative’s supply chain model. Manufacturers experience greater efficiency and costs-savings by working directly with LeeSar, our member-owned supply chain management company.

Limited Contract

Limited Contracts are designed as a bridging device that will eventually qualify for a committed contract. The Limited Contract enables manufacturers to become familiar with CSF and recognize the value of our supply chain model. Vendors with Limited Contracts have access (per procedure) to member facilities and the opportunity to establish mutually beneficial economic and service relationships with leadership and staff.