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Founded in 1997, Cooperative Services of Florida (CSF) serves as a strategic partner to its members by providing data analysis, strategic sourcing, and pharmaceutical services. CSF is equipped with some of the most advanced technology available and fosters a collaborative environment with manufacturers and distributors across the country. This approach ensures that Cooperative Services of Florida remains at the forefront of industry innovation, tailoring its offerings to meet the specific needs of its members and reinforcing its commitment to their success and growth in the competitive healthcare landscape.

About Us

At CSF, we empower our members to advance their purchasing power

Founded in 1997, our mission has been to accelerate the success of healthcare providers by delivering unparalleled value powered by aggregation, flexible contracting, and customized services.

We are dedicated to optimizing healthcare supply chains by ensuring access to top-tier supplies, pharmaceuticals and services at competitive prices achieved through economy of scale.

At CSF, we believe in strength in numbers. Through our strategic sourcing solutions, tailored services, and expert insights, we help organizations of all sizes to thrive by maximizing their procurement strategies and minimizing costs.

Our success is measured by the success of our members, and we strive to foster a collaborative environment where collective goals are met with exceptional results. Join us to transform your procurement strategies with solutions that support not just cost savings, but also innovation and sustainability in your supply chain. Discover the Difference with Cooperative Services of Florida: Where Collaboration Meets Innovation and Efficiency.


Is our cornerstone that enhances service quality and fosters a network of shared benefits and resources.


Caring about what we do and putting our very best effort into what we care about.


Being enthusiastic about our work and taking ownership of our goals, mission, vision, and values


Being careful and responsible in managing what is entrusted to our care – including power.

Our Services

Healthcare Solutions

Pharmaceutical Services

Our custom pharmaceutical solutions provide an internal solution to otherwise outsourced services. These solutions are designed to improve hospital processes, creating value through lowering costs and reducing waste.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics services provides deep insights into purchasing trends and spending patterns to enhance the operational and financial performance of our members. Helping our members understand where their money is going and identify potential areas for cost reduction.

Centralized Service Center (Strategic Sourcing)

Our strategic sourcing service is pivotal in transforming procurement into a powerful lever for cost reduction, efficiency enhancement, and quality improvement across healthcare providers.

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