Rethinking contracting for everyone's benefit

CSF contracts directly with manufacturers to create personal business relationships. This achieves value for everyone involved – from manufacturer to health system – through creative, custom supply chain solutions.  By merging business contracts with supply chain strategy and member commitment, we work to improve the health of patients and the communities we serve.


With Vizient as a strategic cost management partner for our member health systems, CSF has access to Vizient’s broad contract portfolio while also strengthening the CSF sourcing model through increased analytics capabilities, technologies and onsite support. CSF maintains its regional GPO identity and focuses on building clinical alignment with members’ physicians and clinicians to provide stronger regional contracts for specialty supplies, drugs, services, and equipment. By aligning Vizient’s capabilities with CSF’s goals, we will provide greater value and work to accelerate growth in our membership through joint sourcing and contracting services. Our members also benefit from the cost savings insights and opportunities that come from Vizient’s market-leading supply chain analytics platform.


Our members represent a range of communities, along with a significant portion of the healthcare delivered in Southwest Florida. Due to the breadth of our services, LeeSar/CSF directly impacts patient care on all levels, from hospitals to local practices. Joining CSF enables vendors to become a part of a lasting partnership that benefits these communities. We encourage potential vendors to pursue business opportunities through the Cooperative, following the steps outlined in the resources provided here.


For more detailed information, download the Contracting Processes PDF.

Vendor Relationship with Members

Member supply chain leaders help coordinate vendor access as well as oversee vendor performance while engaging in business with their facilities. Vendors are encouraged to meet the supply chain leadership and staff. Members have individual vendor visitation guidelines that require review prior to being granted access.