Pharmaceutical Services

Elevate healthcare with our tailored pharmaceutical solutions designed to streamline operations and set new excellence benchmarks. Our approach eliminates the need for external services, reduces costs, and minimizes waste, revolutionizing healthcare efficiency.

CSF Pharmacy Custom Contracting: CSF’s custom pharmacy portfolio layers onto existing national GPO contracts and programs to bring additional savings on high cost or high volume medications. Our innovative contract design targets at risk medications to assist with drug shortages providing a layer of contracted alternatives that protect against sole award disruptions. CSF’s pharmacy contract team specializes in nimble movement within the industry to act quickly in bringing speed to value to our members. Our focus in bringing high quality manufacturers with the lowest price at the pump allows purchasing specialists to easily reduce drug costs at the individual facility pharmacy budget.

Data Analytics

Our data analytics services provides deep insights into purchasing trends and spending patterns to enhance the operational and financial performance of our members. Helping our members understand where their supply spend and identify potential areas for cost reduction. We offer tailored reports that allow our members to track their performance against key metrics. These customized insights support strategic decision-making and help align purchasing needs with budget constraints and clinical outcomes. Utilizing advanced models, we predict future trends in product usage and costs. This foresight assists in strategic planning, ensuring our members are well-prepared for future needs and market changes.

By integrating these data-driven strategies, we empower our members to optimize their procurement activities, ultimately leading to improved patient care and reduced operational costs. Our data analytics services not only support immediate purchasing decisions but also contribute to long-term strategic planning and sustainability in healthcare procurement.

Agile Sourcing

Our flexible iterative approach emphasizes adaptability, rapid response and close collaboration across healthcare providers.

CSF leverages the collective purchasing power of our extensive network of members to secure exceptional terms that would be unattainable individually. This collective approach leads to significantly lower costs and better conditions for contracted supplies, pharmaceuticals and equipment.

We utilize the latest technology and data analytics tools to enhance our sourcing methods. This technology allows us to conduct thorough market analyses, spend analysis, and supplier evaluations, ensuring that our decisions are data-driven and that we stay ahead of market trends. Cooperative Services of Florida’s strategic sourcing also focuses on fostering strong relationships with suppliers, we work closely with them to drive innovation, not only in the products and services they offer but also in the  leading to efficiencies and improvements in contract terms and delivery.